Banquet Server

Base Salary: $5.45 Per Hour

Employment Type: Part Time


100 Pine Crest Lane
Deadwood, SD 57732

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED preferred.

Experience Requirements

1 year set up / porter experience with our company preferred, or full-service banquet serving experience or prior food and beverage service experience preferred.


The individual must possess the job knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job. This being with or without reasonable accommodation, using a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities.


Serve food and beverage, provide table service and hospitality to our guests in a professional, accurate and friendly manner. Take orders for food and beverage and follow Banquet Steps of Service. Talking to our guests, answering questions, and thanking guests for their business as they depart.

Able to take food and beverage orders, as well as serve food and beverage accurately with all details and accompaniments.

Maintain an efficient and professional banquet dining room by insuring quality service and hospitality standards.

Fully complete the Banquet Server training process. Take all necessary tests and complete a training checklist to reflect your training efforts.

Follow Banquet Steps of Service for plated service as trained. Follow timing sequences, maintain proper table serving techniques, serving courses, table maintenance, answer questions about food or beverages for your guests.

Follow Banquet Steps of Service for buffet service as trained. Follow timing sequences, maintain proper table maintenance, and answer questions about food or beverages for your guests.

Able to read and interpret Banquet Event Order (BEO) sheets, understand menus, and put into action the details of the BEO as pertaining to your shift duties, including set up or serving details for the guests. Understand any special guest requests or needs as per BEO.

Follow timing cycles as trained and maintain accurate timing in food and service delivery. Actively participate in and follow the “porter food running” system.

For buffets, help run and stock food to ensure sufficient food is available. Help keep records on products sold or served. Help with accurate plate counts, etc.

Learn and know how to set up, run food, maintain and tear down buffet service. Learn and know how to properly help recycle and store left over foods.

Must be able to explain menu items being served, per function, to guests.

Know, actively demonstrate, and maintain the proper room set ups as per BEO requirements.

Confirm all meeting rooms are refreshed as needed. Assist at all times. Help serve as a contact for our guests if they have questions, especially for meetings.

Help maintain all banquet equipment in good clean working condition.

Verify bar, kitchen and banquet supplies and product are properly handled, stored, labeled, dated, and rotated properly. Responsible for the proper handling of all equipment, i.e., dishware, glassware, silverware, linen, and props, ensuring proper storage after use.

Learn and maintain proper food, bar and wine menu knowledge, especially food knowledge.

Must participate in setting of rooms and tables in station per shift, as team effort.

Must participate in clearing and breakdown of rooms and tables in station per shift, as team effort.

Properly sort all glassware, dishware and silverware items during breakdown, store linens and dispose of trash during room teardown.

Properly clean all floors, carpet areas, walls, baseboards, booths, tables, blinds, lighting fixtures and artifacts that are in your station or pertain to your cleanup work at closing time. Follow the weekly cleaning lists, or any management assigned lists, to maintain the Banquet dining room is in good repair and cleanliness.

Attend and participate in banquet shift pre-shift and periodic banquet server staff meetings.

Learn and maintain proper Health Department standards and codes regarding food and beverage handling, serving and storage.

Actively work every shift to help control food cost by portioning salads, dressing, butter and bread properly. Accurately record and charge for all beverages.

Adhere to proper stocking and prepping procedures for perishable and non-perishable products, to set up and maintain the server aisle and area, per shift assignment.

Report to management any restrooms or public areas that are not properly maintained and checked during each shift.

Follow and participate in the usual banquet server posted, or otherwise assigned, set up duties for the server aisle, for assigned room and/or server station and tables.

Follow and participate in the usual banquet server posted, or otherwise assigned, closing duties for the server aisle, assigned room and/or server station and tables. Check with manager to end shift.

Follow captain or floor manager direction regarding set up, serving and tear down of functions, as well as the server’s station per shift and attend to closing duties per shift.


  • Ability to read and write basic English in order to communicate with customers and other employees.

  • Exercise good judgment.

  • Must possess multi-tasking skills.

  • Knowledge of food and beverage menus, food preparation and presentation.

  • Follow detailed instructions with minimal supervision at times.

  • Communicate customer needs and resolve complaints independently.

  • Must possess basic computer skills to use POS system when necessary.

PART-TIME BANQUET SERVER POSITION AVAILABLE for individual with ability to be on their feet for periods of eight hours or longer with breaks throughout, lift 20lbs and have good communication skills. Must be available to work Weekends and Holidays. (flexible to events of hotel) Competitive Wage + Tips.

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