Base Salary: $17 Per Hour

Employment Type: Full Time


100 Pine Crest Lane
Deadwood, SD 57732

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED required. Culinary degree or certification preferred.

Experience Requirements

4 years of full-service restaurant kitchen experience as line cook and banquet cook. Minimum 2 years’ experience supervising staff as a manager.


The individual must possess the job knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job. This being with or without reasonable accommodation, using a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities.


Essential Functions:

  • Lead by example ensuring product quality and standards. Provide hands-on coaching for either the kitchen or banquet lines:

    • Verify recipes are followed 100% correctly.

    • Coach line, prep and banquet staff on recipes, production and standards.

  • Maintain an efficient, trained and well coached staff through:

    • Proper training for managers, supervisors and staff

    • Lead, coach, direct and support staff

    • Set performance and productivity expectations for yourself, managers and staff to accomplish labor goals.

    • Set performance and productivity expectations for yourself, managers and staff to learn and demonstrate our standards of food quality, food production, food safety and kitchen cleanliness.

    • Proper follow-up on performance and productivity standards. Correct problems and recognize progress. Follow up regularly.

  • Maintain a well-organized, cost efficient and structured kitchen through proper:

    • Company specified food ordering program and proper storage.

    • Cleaning and maintenance for the general kitchen, walk-ins, coolers and storerooms.

    • Utilize product as needed.

    • Revise Banquet menus.

    • Develop and execute proper feature program.

    • Revise dining room menus with Corporate Chef.

  • Budget, monitor and control labor cost daily by:

    • Build schedules within budgeted labor dollar amounts and according to budgeted sales.

    • Monitor labor on a daily basis. Adjust staff levels as needed.

  • Attend and actively participate in all relevant Restaurant, Food & Beverage, hotel Department and Banquet Event Order (BEO) meetings.

Leadership Functions:

  • Create and maintain a positive work environment through team building and serve as a role model for staff in terms of: Professionalism Attitude Respect Communication Appearance Conduct Cooperation Trust

  • Uphold and abide by the policies in the Associate Handbook for your position. Follow these policies, rules and regulations for the safe and effective overall operation. Teach and enforce all existing and new policies and procedures. Must have commitment to company values.
  • Maintain a hands-on, positive and inspirational coaching approach to working with and supporting your supervisors and associates. Be a good role model and actively seek coaching opportunities to help maintain a positive work environment. Help maintain this environment through team building. Offer praise for those times when someone is doing the right thing and immediately correct when improvement is necessary. Be proactive to assure your property has a “harassment free” work environment. Report any harassing behavior immediately.
  • As a working Chef and leader, this is a hands-on position with expectations to work either in the Restaurant Kitchen or Banquet Kitchen during all meal period and high-volume events, as reasonably necessary. Support and coach your team shift to shift.
  • Maintain at least a 50 to 55 hour annual workweek. Work a schedule approved by the AGM. Work in Banquet and Line operations. Share in the shift responsibilities, such as night line operations and closing duties, in proper team rotation.
  • Uphold the kitchen management structure developed by the company. Help assure all positions are staffed and fill in when positions need covering. Verify all shifts in the kitchen are covered by a qualified and trained manager or supervisor each day.
  • Responsible to teach and inspire people interested in the profession. Our hope is that your love for cooking and creating will act as a catalyst for many aspiring chefs.
  • Work through proper communication, training and teaching to develop the supervisor’s production and management skills.
  • Professionally represent the hotel and property when interacting with guests from the community and industry organizations at the restaurant and catering events.
  • Directly supervise the duties of a Sous Chef, possibly a Banquet Sous Chef and up to two Restaurant Supervisors.

Management Responsibilities:

  • Interview all prospective kitchen personnel. Learn to hire proper profile and utilize company hiring standards and techniques. Refer all final employment candidates to the AGM.
  • Follow state and federal labor and employment laws. Do not hire anyone under the age of sixteen to work on our property. (see Regional Manager for any state specific exemption)
  • Confirm all new hire paperwork is completed accurately and submitted before the start of the new pay period. Conduct a proper orientation with all new kitchen employees.
  • Verify Health Code standards are met by proper kitchen/dish department and sanitation training. Conduct and coordinate all kitchen training programs, established by the AGM and the company. Keep all kitchen training materials and station books up to date. Assist all servers with product and menu knowledge. Assist with new server menu training.
  • Ability to coach employees, either on the spot or privately one on one. Conduct proper discipline procedures, privately one on one, abiding by the proper documentation process and form utilization.
  • Follow termination procedures and confirm proper documentation and completion of forms. Obtain General Manager / AGM’s approval in advance.
  • Maintain a proactive staffing and recruiting process to ensure proper staffing levels. This will be for cook’s line, dish station, prep areas and banquet kitchen throughout the changing business seasons.
  • Conduct kitchen employee evaluations in a professional manner after the first 90 days of employment, followed by annually. Review evaluation information with and present recommended raises to the AGM.
  • Ensure all kitchen staff conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, as well as cooperate with other departments. Verify all kitchen staff follow policies and procedures for employee meals and banquet food meals. Monitor appearance of employees to guarantee they meet the department/property uniform and appearance guidelines.
  • Notify the AGM of any staff or management team problems that may occur and offer solutions. Help solve day to day problems to help create a positive work environment.
  • Prepare for, attend and participate in weekly F & B Management meetings, weekly department head meetings and weekly BEO meetings.
  • Actively participate in the personal development process with the AGM. All weekly/monthly goals or projects assigned by the AGM are to be completed in a timely manner. Document, plan and communicate weekly/monthly goals or projects to kitchen staff and provide any needed follow up.
  • Prepare and conduct monthly kitchen meetings with your Sous Chef, Line Supervisors and Banquet Sous Chef.
  • Maintain and utilize a daily kitchen communication log for all kitchen managers and supervisors. Verify daily shift information is documented.

Culinary and Kitchen Responsibilities:

  • Support the safety program and attend safety committee meetings.
  • Assist to maintain a proactive Worker’s Compensation program. This will help to insure the safety and well-being of our employees. In the event an employee is injured, verify a First Report of Injury form is completed within 24 hours of the incident. Notify the AGM, complete and submit all Worker’s Compensation forms.
  • Follow Health Department standards and codes. A score of 90%, “no major violation”, must be achieved. Help train all staff in basic sanitation techniques and maintain a clean kitchen. Use the Day Dot system for all cold storage, prepped food or food in production. Help ensure all product is labeled, dated and properly rotated. Follow general HACCP practices.
  • Ensure that you and your kitchen managers have and maintain a current Serve Safe Certification.
  • Promptly create kitchen schedules according to budgeted sales and within budgeted labor dollar guidelines. Submit to AGM for weekly review and approval.
  • On a daily basis, accurately review your daily kitchen labor hours and sales information.
  • Maintain our feature program with the AGM. Help develop new features when requested by the Corporate Chef. All features are to be documented on a company recipe form and costed out, at or below budget. To be filed in a protected three-ring feature binder.
  • Uphold and maintain our Employee Meal Policy and Banquet Food Meal Policy. Assist catering department with banquet menu alterations and menu costing.
  • Actively assist the AGM by helping create and document new menu items for the seasonal menu change and development process.
  • Help keep recipe books up to date. Confirm our recipes are followed in the prescribed manner.
  • Ensure par sheets for restaurant menu production and banquet production are followed and kept current.
  • Verify that food invoices are coded properly and tracked on a purchasing spreadsheet throughout the month.
  • Conduct an accurate, thorough and current inventory price check on your top twenty meat, seafood, dry goods, food production, produce and dairy items.
  • Learn to work with our company’s food inventory process. Proceed by physical count and promptly complete the monthly food inventories, confirming spreadsheet accuracy of the extensions. Submit to the AGM by the 3rd of the month.
  • Complete food loss and waste sheets weekly. Insure that all food prepared has been properly rung up or accounted for. Complete inventory transfer sheets.
  • Ensure all food supplies and other products are received, stored and rotated properly.
  • Use only approved suppliers and follow our corporate buying program. Order only specified items.
  • Ensure that proper kitchen opening, set up, prep sheets and closing procedures are followed.
  • Develop and maintain a daily cleaning/closing procedure and checklist, for both areas of all the kitchens.
  • Monitor industry trends. Recommend menu revisions, or new food items, to be considered to maintain competitive status and profitability.


  • Ability to use computer for daily work and basic knowledge of spreadsheets and word processing.

  • Communicate effectively with staff and guests, verbally and in writing. This being done with a strong understanding of the English language.

  • Possess strong inter-personal and team building related experience.

  • Extensive knowledge of food and beverage menus, food preparation and presentation.

  • Have working knowledge of food purchasing and food inventory systems.

  • Extensive knowledge of food safety and food sanitation methods.

  • Possess organizational, planning and goal setting skills.

  • Act independently with minimal or no supervision.

  • Possess supervisory skills.

  • Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local laws governing equal employment opportunity and civil rights, occupational safety and health, wage and hour issues, labor relations, and corporate and property-specific policies.

Looking for individuals with great attitudes and exceptional customer service and verbal communication skills. Hourly wage based on experience and shifts. Qualified candidate will have experience meeting the demands of a fast-paced restaurant. Management experience a plus but not required. Must be able to work holidays and weekends. Schedule to be discussed.

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