Sous Chef

Base Salary: $35000 Per Year

Employment Type: Full Time

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED required.

Culinary degree or certification preferred.

Experience Requirements

4 years of full-service restaurant kitchen experience as line cook.

Banquet cook experience helpful.

Minimum 2 years’ experience supervising staff.


The individual must possess the job knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job. This being with or without reasonable accommodation, using a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Help Chef with maintaining safety within the department. Conduct periodic safety inspections of areas of responsibility, correcting any hazards noted by analysis of accident investigations and implementing corrective procedures. Maintain safety awareness, within department, by devoting time for safety talks at all department meetings and enforcing safety rules and procedures.
  • Assist to maintain a proactive Worker’s Compensation program. This will help to insure the safety and well-being of our employees. In the event an employee is injured, verify a First Report of Injury form is completed within 24 hours of the incident. Notify the Chef and AGM, complete and submit all Worker’s Compensation forms.
  • Follow Health Department standards and codes. A score of 90%, “no major violation”, must be achieved. Help train all staff in basic sanitation techniques and maintain a clean kitchen. Use the Day Dot system for all cold storage, prepped food or food in production. Help ensure all product is labeled, dated and properly rotated. Follow general HACCP practices.
  • Ensure that you, and your kitchen managers, have and maintain a current Serve Safe Certification.
  • Learn to create kitchen schedules according to budgeted sales and within budgeted labor dollar guidelines. Submit to AGM for weekly review and approval.
  • Help Chef, on a daily basis, accurately review your daily kitchen labor hours and sales information.
  • Maintain our feature program with the Chef and AGM. Help develop new features when requested by the Chef. Help chef assure all features are to be documented on a company recipe form and costed out, at or below budget. To be filed in a protected three-ring feature binder.
  • Uphold and maintain our Employee Meal Policy and Banquet Food Meal Policy.
  • Actively assist the Chef by helping create and document new menu items for the seasonal menu change and development process.
  • Help keep recipe books up to date. Help Chef confirm our recipes are followed in the prescribed manner.
  • Ensure par sheets, for restaurant menu production and banquet production, are followed and kept current.
  • Learn to do invoice coding. Help Chef verify that food invoices are coded properly and tracked on a purchasing spreadsheet throughout the month.
  • Help Chef conduct an accurate, thorough and current inventory price check on your top twenty meat, seafood, dry goods, food production, produce and dairy items.
  • Learn to work with our company’s food inventory process. Proceed by physical count and promptly complete the monthly food inventories, confirming spreadsheet accuracy of the extensions. Submit to the AGM by the 3rd of the month.
  • Complete food loss and waste sheets weekly. Insure that all food prepared has been properly rung up or accounted for. Complete inventory transfer sheets.
  • Ensure all food supplies and other products are received, stored and rotated properly. Ensure that proper kitchen opening, set up, prep sheets and closing procedures are followed.
  • Develop and maintain a daily cleaning/closing procedure and checklist, for both areas of all the kitchens.


  • Ability to use computer for daily work.

  • Communicate effectively with staff and guests, verbally and in writing. This being done with a strong understanding of the English language.

  • Possess supervisory skills, team building/leading experience.

  • Extensive knowledge of food and beverage menus, food preparation and presentation.

  • Have working knowledge of food purchasing and food inventory systems.

  • Extensive knowledge of food safety and food sanitation methods

  • Possess organizational, planning and goal setting skills.

  • Act independently with minimal or no supervision.

  • Through knowledge of federal, state and local laws governing equal employment opportunity and civil rights, occupational safety and health, wage and hour issues, labor relations, and corporate and property-specific policies.

This position should maintain an efficient and professional kitchen by enforcing company standards and assisting the GM and Chef. Candidate will be expected to perform all back of house duties including prepping, inventory, ordering, line supervising, and menu creation. Administrative duties will include handling staffing levels, employee discipline, training, and communicating with the front of house supervisor. This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills but is also physically demanding. Prior food service industry and management experience preferred.

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