Base Salary: $5 Per Hour

Employment Type: Part Time

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED preferred.

Experience Requirements

1 year of hosting or bussing experience within our company, or serving experience in a full-service restaurant as substitute.


The individual must possess the job knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job. This being with or without reasonable accommodation, using a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Complete all server training processes. Take all necessary tests and complete a training checklist to reflect your training efforts.
  • Follow Steps of Service as trained, maintain proper table maintenance, and timing cycles for food and service delivery. Use suggestive sales techniques to maintain proper check averages.
  • Take orders and serve food and beverage accurately with all details and accompaniments.
  • Keep accurate record of tickets, sales and cash/non-cash receipts. Complete checkout procedures.
  • Learn the basic table numbers and seat position number system, and how to order/serve food using the system.
  • Learn to sell, describe and serve liquor, beer and wine per company guidelines.
  • Actively participate in and follow the “expo food running” system.
  • Be knowledgeable of the menu and products. Suggest, explain, and answer questions about menu items and current features.
  • Learn and maintain proper food, bar and wine menu knowledge. Especially food knowledge.
  • Maintain proper tabletop appearance and presentation standards.
  • Adhere to proper stocking and prepping procedures for perishable and non-perishable products, to set up and maintain the server aisle and area, per shift assignment.
  • Per shift, participate in clearing and setting of tables in station, as team effort.
  • Follow the weekly cleaning lists, or management assigned lists, to maintain the dining room is in good repair and clean.
  • Clean all floors, carpet areas, walls, baseboards, booths, tables, blinds, lighting fixtures and artifacts that are in your station or pertain to your cleanup work at closing time.
  • Help maintain cleanliness and proper use of all server aisle equipment. Keep in good working condition.
  • Verify bar and dining room supplies and product are properly handled, stored, labeled, dated, and rotated.
  • Know and maintain proper Health Department standards and codes for food and beverage.
  • Attend and participate in pre-shift and periodic server staff meetings.
  • Answer the phone and assist guests with questions about our restaurant concept, menu and location. Take to-go orders for guests, if necessary.
  • Actively work every shift to help control food cost by portioning soup and bread. Accurately record and charge for all beverages.
  • Learn and maintain POS skills to proper level of competency.
  • Report to management any restrooms or public areas that are not properly maintained and checked during each shift.
  • Follow and participate in the usual server posted, or otherwise assigned, set up duties for server aisle and for server table station.
  • Follow and participate in the usual server posted, or otherwise assigned, closing duties for server table station and server aisle. Check with manager to end shift.
  • Must declare all tipped income as per legal requirements.
  • Learn the basic duties of all other departments and how they interact with server duties.
  • Adhere to all proper, legal, company and state required procedures concerning the responsible sale of alcohol. Properly card all those under the age of forty years of age. Do not serve minors or intoxicated individuals.
  • Assist with any brunch set up or tear down that may be required.
  • Take room service orders for guests and deliver to rooms when necessary.
  • Assist guests with general questions about the property, directions or locations of hotel areas.


  • Ability to read, speak and write basic English, being able to read tickets and to communicate with customers, managers and other employees.

  • Requires good and positive interpersonal verbal communication skills. Sales skills preferred.

  • Ability to exercise good judgment.

  • Possess multi-tasking and organizational skills.

  • Act independently with minimal or no supervision.

  • Communicate customer needs, to help solve minor problems and complaints. Utilize management when necessary.

  • Possess basic computational ability.

  • Possess basic computer skills to be able to use POS system.

  • Knowledge of food and beverage menus, food preparation and presentation.

Looking for flexible individuals with great attitudes and exceptional customer service and verbal communication skills. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Prior serving experience a plus but not required.

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