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Deadwood a top 10 Travel Destination

Posted: Fri, July 01, 2011

Deadwood is listed as the number 2 overall best neighborhood travel destination this summer, by is a travel intelligence website and a respected creator of travel guides across North America.

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Just in time for summer, we've got the best neighborhoods to explore across the United States. With sights ranging from modern skyscrapers to historic streets, these must-see hoods are tops for travelers. How many of these iconic areas have you checked off your travel life list? Weigh in with your experiences in the comments below.

1) Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

2) Deadwood, South Dakota

3) The French Quarter, New Orleans

4) Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

5) Greenwich Village, New York

6) Charleston, South Carolina

7) The Loop, Chicago

8) North Beach, San Fransisco

9) South Beach, Miami

10) the Strip, Las Vegas

For a step back into the Wild West, there’s no place like Deadwood. Nearly $300 million has been dedicated to restoring this once infamous gold-mining boomtown, which has earned recognition as a National Historic Landmark. Small gaming halls, good restaurants, and hotels occupy virtually every storefront on Main Street, just as they did back in the city’s late-19th-century heyday.

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